KSFs ‘Dish’ on the DLSP and Keystone Symposia Study Sections

One of the most important functions assumed by KSFs in their initial year of the fellowship is participation in the Keystone Symposia study sections. These study sections are managed by Keystone Symposia’s Chief Scientific Officer in conjunction with the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The sections are typically divided into categories along a number of topical […]


KSF “Link In” with each other in new KSF LinkedIn Page

KSFs Amanda James and Glenn Simmons (both Class of 2017), broached the idea of a KSF LinkedIn page at the Fellows Circle in June 2016. Their initiative and leadership (along with the help of Keystone Symposia staffers, such as Barbara Schmid-Miller and Ashley Connally), have produced the first Keystone Symposia Fellows LinkedIn page where information […]


Workforce Diversity in the Field of Immunology: Trying to “Boost” the Number of Underrepresented (UR) Immunologists

With threats from Zika, Ebola, malaria and even the annual round of ‘flu viruses ever present, there is a critical need for immunologists in the U.S. and around the world. At the request of Nature Reviews in Immunology, the DLSP was asked to write an article that examines the current status of UR immunologists in […]

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