Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Mentoring at Keystone Symposia: Near “Life” Experiences

The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) program at Keystone Symposia was originally designed in 2010 to provide underrepresented (UR) attendees with an opportunity to meet with the DLSP Director to discuss career pathways in an onsite mentoring activity.  Over the last year, the P2P program has welcomed over 110+ UR attendees to Keystone Symposia conferences with an advanced email that provides them with links to DLSP program activities, including INCLUDE, and whenever possible an opportunity to meet with a Keystone Symposia Fellow (KSF) who is in attendance at that particular conference.

Earlier this year, Diana Cittelly (Class of 2015), CU Anschutz, hosted a group of UR conferees as part of P2P at the Keystone Symposia conference on “Cell Plasticity within the Tumor Microenvironment” at Keystone, CO in January 2017.  Listen to Dr. Cittelly describe her experience with P2P participants.