Virtual Keystone Symposia Webcast on “Health Disparities: The Intersection of Science and Race”


Keystone Symposia is known around the world for producing excellent scientific conferences with outstanding biomedical researchers and trainees.  In keeping with this tradition, Keystone Symposia has reinvigorated its interest in health disparities and has created two working groups, one on cancer and one on genetics/genomics. At the January 2017 Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting, SAB member Russell deBose Boyd (UT Southwestern Health Science Center) and two 2017 Fellows, Amanda Marie James (Emory University) and Glenn Simmons (University of Minnesota, Duluth), participated in a VKS (Virtual Keystone Symposia) roundtable on health disparities. Moderated by the DLSP director, this event is the precursor to a May 25, 2017 VKS on health disparities, “The Intersection of Science and Race,” that will include live Q&A from audiences around the world. Joining this May event will be Lovell Jones, organizer of the HDEART Consortium on health disparities.  Please join us for what promises to be a memorable discussion on health disparities, health equity, and bioethics research in the U.S.