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KSFs ‘Dish’ on the DLSP and Keystone Symposia Study Sections

One of the most important functions assumed by KSFs in their initial year of the fellowship is participation in the Keystone Symposia study sections. These study sections are managed by Keystone Symposia’s Chief Scientific Officer in conjunction with the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The sections are typically divided into categories along a number of topical areas, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, developmental biology, neurobiology, plant biology, biochemistry/structural biology, genetics/genomics, cell biology, drug discovery/technologies, immunology, infectious diseases, and public health and prevention. Fellows work online for several months (Sept-Dec) with senior scientists from around the world to establish topics, speakers, and venues for Keystone Symposia conferences to be held over the next two years. Each January and June, Fellows attend the SAB meetings in Keystone, CO to discuss the conferences they have been planning online in face-to-face study groups.

For this issue of INCLUDE, the DLSP has invited several KSFs to talk about the Study Section process (from their perspective) and how they regard their participation in the online and onsite discussions.








Director of Diversity, Life Sciences Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology

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