Live Online Discussion on Diversity

Keystone Symposia is proud to announce a Virtual Keystone Symposia (VKS): Live Panel on Diversity that will be held on March 16, 2017 in Boston at WGBH Studios. The DLSP has secured nationally renowned, dynamic speakers who are well-known to the science community. Confirmed speakers: Dr. Jo Viney (Biogen); Dr. Freeman Hrabowski (President of UMBC); and Dr. Harvey Lodish (Whitehead Institute). Invited speaker: Dr. Shirley Malcom (AAAS). They will discuss topics impacting UR and women in the scientific workforce and the importance of mentoring at every stage of a trainee’s career pathway. The live broadcast will allow for participation from the larger science community and we look forward to a healthy exchange on how we can make the biomedical workforce more diverse and inclusive. More information will be available soon on the DLSP website. Invited Panelists:




Topics Will Include:

  • Managing Diversity Training Programs at Predominately White Institutions
  • Model Mentoring Practices for Diversity Trainees
  • The Role of Industry in Establishing Pipelines
  • The Responsibility of Minority Serving Institutions in the Development of UR Trainees
  • The Role of Gender in Creating (or Eliminating) Barriers in the Biomedical Workforce

What is Virtual Keystone Symposia: Live Panel?

It is a dynamic panel discussion between thought leaders on a compelling topic.  This event is broadcasted live online by a production studio.  Live Q&A further engages a global audience.